API CEO urges members to vote at 2018 election

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AUSTRALIAN Property Institute CEO Amelia Hodge has urged members to cast their vote at this year’s election and help shape the future of the Institute.

Hodge said it is important that members vote.

“Three years ago, we announced some significant changes organisationally and to the governance structures.

“Since January 1st 2016, the API Ltd has been the organisation that serves you, the members.

“This was a significant change. That constitution embedded there the transition to new directors over time. It embedded the notion of two independent directors and we now have two new independent directors,” she added.

“In 2018, there are 12 candidates for four vacancies.

“The challenge you face – the challenge we face today – is who to choose. To choose the right people who can move the API forward,” Hodge continued.

“It gives me great pleasure to formally announce we’re opening elections for new directors for the API board.

“I recommend that you look at the candidates, consider their backgrounds, their history, their involvement with the API and their professional standing. Also consider their capacity and ability to work on your board on your behalf to make prudent decisions about the future of the API as we go forward.

“Remember, your vote is important because it’s your API!” Hodge concluded.

Australian Property Journal interviewed the candidates and asked each of them why members should vote for them. The 12 candidates are below, click on their names to read their answers.

Australian Property Journal