Meet your candidate Damian Dalton

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PP&E Valuations managing director Damian Dalton is one of the candidates seeking to be elected to the board of the Australian Property Institute (API).

Australian Property Journal spoke to Dalton to find out why he is seeking to be elected to the API board.

Dalton said there is currently a disconnect with members on a local level and he wants the API to improve communication. He said there was no doubt there was a need for a national organisation, however he believes the state and territory divisions have significant role to play because they can communicate with members on a local level.

Dalton would like the API to put in place education and training programs to help members who work in fields deemed to be at risk. He believes the API can assist these members to transition into other property professions.

He said better training and certification will add more value to members and allow them to be more mobile in their career.

Dalton said not only will these strategies underpin the financial stability of the API but it will also ensure the API remains relevant in the future.

  1. What is your interest to come on board with the Australian Property Institute?

My interest in becoming an API Board member is to influence the strategic direction of the Institute for the benefit of our members.

Whilst Mr Turnbull says ‘there’s never been a more exciting time to be an Australian’, for many of our members these are uncertain times due mainly to technological disruption to traditional roles.

I’d like to see the API develop a better education and training program that empowers our members in their career choices. The API needs to provide career pathways for all our members, especially those facing disruption, through excellent education and training programs.

I also believe that the API’s ongoing financial viability will be secured through improved education and training programs which will also help grow the membership.

In my opinion, at the core of the API is the valuation professional training and certification. Whilst some of our members are not valuers, many started out as valuers and they often credit their valuation fundamentals with their success in other fields. I think that we should celebrate and promote the valuation professional training and certification more.

Whilst expanding our membership base is preferable, we must ensure we maintain standards and offer real benefits to members, not just another accreditation for a fee.

I strongly believe that the API can have a leadership role in ensuring our profession thrives and that our members can have confidence in their futures but that requires clear strategic thinking and, most importantly, action.

  1. What financial experience or expertise do you bring to the API?

I have a Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance however, the most relevant financial experience and expertise I’ll bring to the Board is from nearly ten years managing a successful valuation firm.

  1. What governance experience do you bring to the API?

As Managing Director of PP&E Valuations Pty Ltd I am fully aware of, and experienced in complying with, the various governance issues of incorporated entities under the Corporations Act 2001.

  1. What strategic planning experience do you bring to the API?

Again, as Managing Director of a valuation business, I have a lot of experience in strategic planning. In my experience, the most important element in strategic planning which often seems to get forgotten or not done well is the doing. You must implement the strategic plan.

  1. To further pursue API’s strategic direction, it would be of great benefit if prospective Directors could contribute advocacy, policy and/or digital communications experience to the Board. What is your experience in one or more of these areas?

My experience is primarily through action although I did study policy setting and advocacy as part of my Bachelor of Arts degree in which I majored in Politics and History.

In my role I have experience in setting corporate policies and advocating these policies as well as advocating our business in the competitive marketplace for work. I have undertaken extensive personal study in regard to digital communications as I developed our website and social media platforms.

  1. In general, what can you bring to the API and why should members elect you?

First and foremost, I will bring pride and passion for the API, the valuation profession and education and training as the cornerstone to sustained success of our members.

I also bring over 20 years’ experience in the profession working at both a large, multi-national firm and as an owner and managing director of a relatively small valuation practise.

Finally, as a plant and machinery valuer I bring a different perspective to the Board.

Online voting is now open until 23:59 AEST on Thursday 17 May 2018. Members are encouraged to register and vote at https://www.api.org.au/news/meet-candidates-2018-api-board-elections

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