Meet your candidate Enzo Evangelista

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BUILTFORM Real Estate Advisory director Enzo Evangelista is one of the candidates seeking to be elected to the board of the Australian Property Institute (API).

Australian Property Journal spoke to Evangelista to find out why he is seeking to be elected to the API board.

Evangelista said the property industry is undergoing digitalisation and more needs to be done to protect API members, particularly in the residential valuation sector.

He said in these challenging times, the API cannot be scared and needs to be advocate harder about the relevance of residential valuers to the banks and the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

Evangelista said having worked across different property sectors, the API also needs to develop a robust training platform so younger members are not stuck working in a very narrow sector, and they understand that they can work in asset management, commercial property, developments etc.

  1. What is your interest to come on the Board with the API?

I have always held the view that everyone should be giving back to their profession and joining the Board is a fantastic opportunity for me to continue to do just that. In the past, I have lectured Property students at Curtin University, helped train numerous graduates, helped to guide the career of young professionals and I have also been a member of the API’s Property Standards Board. I want to continue to help shape the future of not only the organisation but also the future of our professional members.

  1. What financial experience or expertise do you bring to the API?

I have prepared and presented complex financial data at Board level to both FTSE 100 (UK) and ASX 100 companies on multifaceted property projects (investment/divestment/development) for property related transactions worth up to USD $500 million.

During my time at Mirvac, I prepared complex feasibilities on land subdivisions, and built form projects and managed the life cycle of these projects. At BP, I presented financial memorandums to the board including our Sunbury Business Park development worth £430 million and was responsible for the financial control aspects of the project, whilst at Westpac I reviewed and approved property finance deals with values over $10 million.

  1. What governance experience do you bring to the API?

I retain a broad level of governance experience gained locally and internationally across a number of property sectors with ASX and FTSE listed companies including BP, Knight Frank (London), Westpac when I was a Property Risk Manager as well at Proprietary Limited companies. It is always imperative to ask the fundamental question: What goals are the Board trying to achieve? In my experience in the long term a progressive approach to governance will transform an organisation from ongoing conflict between boards and shareholders to a source of competitive advantage in the market place.

  1. What strategic planning experience do you bring to the API?

I have developed and set the property strategy for a number of corporates that align closely with the overall strategy of the organisation. As a board member of HTW (WA) I assisted in and developed growth targets for new business opportunities which saw revenue grow steadily year on year during my tenure as Head of the Commercial Division.

  1. To further pursue API’s strategic direction, it would be of great benefit if prospective Directors could contribute advocacy, policy and/or digital communications experience to the Board. What is your experience in one or more of these areas?

Policy is the cornerstone of how an organisation operates. Policy should provide us with the flexibility to expand and to provide clarity in order to operate within a structured framework and ensure decisions are made effectively. I have helped to set policy which is aligned to the corporate strategy of the organisations I have worked with most relevant with BP in London where the real estate policies were developed and clearly aligned with the overall corporate objectives.

There is no doubt that digitalisation has been and will continue to transform our industry and how our members communicate and conduct business. It is essential to the API agenda that we further develop our digital communication platform as a way to shape the market at the same time raise our professional members to new heights. Digital communication provides the opportunity for exponential growth in terms of enabling our members to reach more external parties to the benefit of our profession.

  1. In general, what can you bring to the API and why should members elect you?

The API needs the best possible people on its Board. I hope that my diversity of skills and perspective will help advance the API’s agenda and that I can fully understand and appreciate the changing market landscape which affects all of our various property professionals.

Online voting is now open until 23:59 AEST on Thursday 17 May 2018. Members are encouraged to register and vote at https://www.api.org.au/news/meet-candidates-2018-api-board-elections

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