API members elect new board directors

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MEMBERS of the Australian Property Institute have elected new directors to the board.

The elected directors are Mark Kay, Chris Knight, Michael Leech and Bart Mead.

Tyrone Hodge remains as the chair having served the first year of his two-year term.

“The API Board welcomes the addition of Chris Knight and Bart Mead who are both leaders in their respective companies. They join a strong, skilled and diverse Board who are firmly focussed on ensuring that the API continues to serve our members.

“I would also like to congratulate Mark Kay for his successful re-appointment to the API Board and to Michael Leech for moving from the role of Young Property Professionals observer to an elected director,” Hodge said.

Hodge also thanked the outgoing directors.

“To Garrick Smith, Robert Smyth and Joe Stansfield, my sincere thanks on behalf of the API Board and every API Member for your tireless service. It was pleasing to see such a strong list of candidates for the API Board and my thanks also go to the candidates who stood for election to the API Board but were unsuccessful on this occasion. I hope you will continue your involvement with the API,” he added.

API CEO Amelia Hodge reiterated the sentiment.

“Thank you to our outgoing directors for your support and guidance over my first few months in role. I look forward to continuing the work you have guided over that time. Welcome to our new directors. I am very pleased to have such an experienced board to lead API strategy for the future of the property profession and our members.” Hodge said.

Chris Knight told Australian Property Journal (APJ) that he was very excited to join the board and one of his goals is to lift the profile of the API.

“I wish to thank the members who voted for me, I am very excited to contribute to the API. I want to assist the new leadership going forward, provide a helpful and constructive voice to assist the API executive board to better represent and support our members.

“I believe we can do more to make the API become more prominent, help consumers understand what the API does, the importance of valuers, and ensure the API provides a voice for the wider property profession.” Knight said.

Mark Kay also thanked the members who voted and said one of his goals is to improve the value proposition of the membership.

“We have improve the membership proposition and services to members, beyond providing them with an accreditation.

“We have to look at ways to improve the status of valuers and non-valuers members. When you think about an accountant, you immediately think CPA. I want people to know about the API the same way when it comes to property.

“We also have to look at ways to provide members with career progression opportunities.” Kay said.

Bart Mead told APJ that he is committed to providing a positive contribution to the property profession.

“I am honoured to have been elected to the API Board, I am committed to providing a positive contribution not only to the API and our profession, but also to the public and our clients/partners.” Mead said.

Michael Leech said he wants to ensure the API remains the home for all property professionals.

“I am very humbled and honoured to have been elected as a Director by the members of API. I look forward to serving the members of the API and ensuring API remains the leading home for property professionals.

“I wish to thank all members who voted and had their say, and thank the outgoing Board members for their service and commitment to the API.” Leech said.

Following the election, the current members of the API Board are:

  • Diana D’Ambra (Independent Director)
  • Robert Hecek (Chair, APIV)
  • Tyrone Hodge (Chair, API)
  • Mark Kay
  • Chris Knight
  • Michael Leech
  • Bart Mead
  • Anne-Maree Moussa
  • Tim Rabbitt

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