Award winning West Perth house up for grabs

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WEST Perth’s award-winning 39 Mount Street home, notable for its vertically architectural qualities, has been offered to the market.

The property features 11 split levels across six storeys, with folding and tilted walls, and is by development group Baltinas Made, led by architect Barr Baltinas.

The design includes central open spine that acts as a light shaft and connects the six main floor levels, which then split off to 11 living spaces, including a full-floor master bedroom, and rooftop dining area.

Green Titled, it also has photovoltaic cells on the roof that power the building, and a green garage door hides the four-car garage.

This year is won a Master Builder housing excellence award for innovative construction for small lots.

Enquiries can be made through Rebecca Frost of Baltinas Made.

Australian Property Journal