Vic to introduce controls against overdevelopment

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THE Victorian government is proposing to implement tighter controls against overdevelopment in Melbourne’s green wedges.

Consultation is now open around Melbourne’s green wedge and peri-urban areas to help identify and protect vital agricultural land.

The government has been undertaking technical work in partnership with Agriculture Victoria and Deakin University to provide an evidence base and inform criteria for identifying strategic agricultural land. This includes compiling information on soils, landscapes, access to water, climate and versatility of land and under different climate futures.

Minister for Planning Richard Wynne said the proposal is part of the government’s comprehensive review of outer-suburban and peri-urban land – which will improve land use and assist decision-making in these areas.

He added this work delivers on Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 and ensures that green wedge and peri-urban areas are carefully planned and managed to avoid irreversible land-use change and support their ongoing productivity.

“We said we would protect Melbourne’s unique green wedges and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

“Once these areas are gone, they’re gone forever – it’s important we carefully assess these areas and preserve them for future generations,” Wynne concluded.

Australian Property Journal