Tax time is here! Are you paying too much tax?

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DO you own or have you bought an investment property in the past financial year?

Or…  have you recently refurbished, altered or extended your investment property in the past financial year?

Or…   do you own an investment property but have never claimed depreciation in the past?

Or…  own any property including commercial, retail, industrial, residential, pubs, clubs, sporting – we are experts in them all.

If your answer is yes to any of these questions then you may very well be paying too much tax on your income if you don’t claim your depreciation deductions.

Property tax allowances (commonly known as depreciation) provide an opportunity for owners of income producing property to reduce their taxable income, thus reducing the tax payable.

Napier & Blakeley was the first Australian company to provide specialist property depreciation services with dedicated in-house specialists to identify all available deductions throughout the life cycle of your asset.

Don’t waste any more of your money, request a quote today or contact us to get advice on how a depreciation schedule can strengthen the return on your investment putting more money in your pocket.

Please contact any of the people below for further assistance:

For 34 years Napier & Blakeley have been providing the following services to the property industry:

  • Property Acquisition & Disposal Technical Due Diligence
  • Property Development Due Diligence
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Capital Expenditure Forecasting
  • Make Good Reporting
  • Energy Management
  • Development Monitoring
  • Property Tax Depreciation

Please contact any of the people below for more information or assistance:

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