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THE Australian Property Institute is holding its 2020 National Board election. The API is urging members to cast their vote and help shape the future of the Institute. Teri Roberts is one of the candidates seeking to be elected to the national board of the API.

  1. What is your interest to come on board with the Australian Property Institute?

My nomination for a position on the Board of the API follows from inspiration from Sir David Tweedie’s presentations at the 2019 NPC. Sir David Tweedie highlighted the need for the strengthening of business valuations to increase market confidence. Sir Tweedie further noted that there is a gap in training and experience in the business valuation field and that a high portion of this segment of the market is represented by accountants, not valuers. This is something that I have also experienced in my 20 plus years as a business valuer, and I would like to assist the board in continuing to increase awareness within the API membership of the need for consistent and high standard valuations, and in particular business valuations, and work on providing the education and training needed to achieved this.

I would also like to see an alignment of purpose with the API and CA ANZ in this field, with perhaps an optimistic end goal of both bodies acknowledging the requirement of common levels of training, education and certification. I think the achievement of this will provide members with a broader base of career options in this fast changing industry and will ensure our clients are provided with a consistent and professional standard of valuation reports for going concern businesses.

  1. What financial experience or expertise do you bring to the API?

I have had an extensive level of financial experience during my career, from grass roots accounts bookkeeping, to high level financial and strategic analysis and forecasting.

I hold a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and worked as a commercial accountant for over 10 years prior to returning to university to study a Bachelor of Applied Science in Property Economics and commencing work in business valuations. I have worked in a diverse number of financial and accounting roles for a number of firms and government bodies in both Australia and London, including: – Australian Government Department of Finance, Chevron Oil (South Pacific Chevron Co.), London Regional Transport, Swiss Banking Corp., Kleinwort Benson Securities.

Since commencing work as a business valuer, I review and analyse Financial Statements, Budgets, and source documents on a daily basis for each business being valued.

As the owner and Director of my own firm, I am also responsible for the financial statement preparation and ATO reporting requirements of my own firm, as well as business planning and forecasting.

  1. What governance experience do you bring to the API?

As a Director of my own business, I have gained a good knowledge of governing legislation and requirements including the Corporations Act 2001, Privacy Act, and ISO27001 to ensure the business meets the requirements and standards needed for all service agreements in place.

I am also required to ensure that I and the staff at GWA have strong knowledge of the governing legislation for industries in which businesses that we value operate. This is an ongoing requirement, with many industries facing changing governance and legislation resulting from royal commissions and disruption.

I have also previously worked for government departments both here and in London. My role in the Commonwealth Department of Finance involved the participation in meetings and negotiations prior to the preparation of submissions and briefing materials to Ministers.

Therefore I consider that I have a high level of experience in governance in both the public and private sector, and recognise that good governance requires ongoing research and education.

Additionally, if elected to the Board, I will commit to undertaking the Company Directors Course with the Australian Institute of Company Directors as soon as practicable, to further ensure that I am able to effectively and fully contribute to the board charter and the vision, purpose and goals of the API.

  1. What strategic planning experience do you bring to the API?

My strategic planning experience is broad and ranges from the strategic planning required as the Director of a small firm:- ensuring the ongoing viability, growth and success of the firm as well as compliance with required legislation; to higher level experience in my accounting roles for the Commonwealth Department of Finance and Chevron Oil.

My role in Chevron was within the Planning Division of the PNG Strategic Business Unit, with involvement in and responsibility for the financial analysis of strategic plans developed within the Division. The role involved participation in high level forward and strategic planning with the development and analysis of financial forecasting and results to meet the strategies implemented.

  1. To further pursue API’s strategic direction, it would be of great benefit if prospective Directors could contribute advocacy, policy and/or digital communications experience to the Board. What is your experience in one or more of these areas?

As a Director of a small business, I have been responsible for developing and advocating policies and plans to ensure our firm and staff comply with privacy, security and workplace health and safety requirements. I provide direction for the GWA Office Manager in the preparation of the GWA policies, ensuring the needs of staff members and customers are met.

As outlined above, I also worked in the Planning Division of an international corporation for a number of years in a strategic and financial planning capacity. In this role, policies were developed in conjunction with joint venture partners and government, benchmarking studies undertaken and analysed, and recommendations made and implemented.

I therefore consider I have broad experience in advocacy and policy, ranging from within a small business to a large international firm. Accordingly I been required to give consideration to policy and implementation on the micro level through to the macro effects on large developments and projects.

  1. In general, what can you bring to the API and why should members elect you?

The small to medium sized business market is large and diverse and represents 98% of businesses in Australia, employing more than 40% of the workforce and contributing 35% of Australia’s GDP. This valuation market currently has a high level of representation from accountants, however represents a major opportunity for API members to broaden their service base and provide increased confidence in the institute members to provide consistent and professional valuation reports for all those that instruct and rely on them.

If elected to the Board of the API, I will work to provide further education, training and mentoring to the membership, broadening service offerings and ensuring members are able to maintain and grow their client base and areas of valuation knowledge. I will aim to assist in providing members with the expertise, skill and confidence to operate in valuation segments which may not have been previously considered, such as the small to medium sized business market. This will provide clients with increased confidence in the ability of the API membership to provide consistent and professional valuation reports, and help ensure the growth and continuity of the profession and minimize loss of valuation segments to other professions.

Additionally, as a Director of a small specialist firm, I will provide the API Board with a diversified viewpoint to that of members of larger firms and government bodies, and give consideration to policies and strategies and their effect on small specialist firms and their staff.

More information on the 2020 Election can be found at

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