Are you a building half-full, or a building half-empty sort of person?

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EITHER way, Capital Expenditure will still be required and Napier & Blakeley can assist in its quantification, importance, relevance and timing, depending on your plans.

Alternatively, and coming from the other direction, we can work with you on developing your capex profiles, which may assist you in making your plans. Together, we then might fine-tune the timing and the scope of the forecast works so it all fits together nicely.

Some Plans that come to mind:

Sale Ready: if you have decided to bring forward the sale of a building, bring us in. We can assess what needs to be done to your buildings in readiness. Napier & Blakeley have a global recognition and acceptance in the provision of Vendor Technical Due Diligence.

Long term hold: with the potential short to medium term impact on valuations, or perhaps extended lease terms, you may decide to hold the property for longer than first planned. Future capex should be assessed to reflect this extended period, so that expenditure is allocated to the right things and at the right time.

Take advantage of low occupation: a half-full building provides a great opportunity to upgrade base building works that would normally be disruptive to the quiet enjoyment of occupants. Such items might include service riser infrastructure, 5G readiness, or mechanical and lighting to the tenancy floors.

Repositioning: maintaining the attractiveness of your buildings to tenants may become more important coming out of the other side of this situation. The viability of physical and technological improvements can be assessed and improvements in performance, climate resilience and occupant experience help to reposition the property.

Critical: underlying all of this and forever on going, no matter the level of occupancy, the building still needs to be operationally functional and compliant, with systems checked and reported on.

Napier & Blakeley

Over 35 years of independent property and development advisory Napier & Blakeley have amassed building intelligence and cost data from all property types across Australia. This puts you in the fortunate position to be able to access quick and accurate benchmarking, together with the experience required to prepare and review capex plans in line with your strategy.

With us, you will have the certainty and peace of mind with the decisions you make on Cost, Risk and Return.

Through a single point of contact, if you wish, you will have access to:

  • Building Consultants, Chartered Surveyors and Building Services Engineers;
  • Built Environment Consultants and Sustainability professionals;
  • Quantity Surveyors and;
  • Tax Depreciation Surveyors.

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