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Your tenants’ fitout could force your outfit backwards?

Did you know that tenant fitouts and other work can significantly impact on the level of performance and compliance of your building?

Tenancy Fitout Guidelines can be used to streamline and control fitout works ensuring clarity of requirements and expectations for incoming and exiting tenants.

All too often we carry out assessments on properties for owners, or prospective owners, and discover that tenants have installed new or additional fitout works, with limited to no oversight by the building owner and / or their agent.

Examples of recurring problems we find with tenant fitouts:

  • They are carried out with assistance of lease incentives; but works are incomplete or defective;
  • They compromise the capacity of base building services to provide adequate conditions, serviceability and compliance;
  • They compromise adjacent tenancies where services are shared;
  • They compromise essential services (fire protection, smoke exhaust, evacuation systems, fire ratings and penetrations);
  • They cause changes to essential services that are undocumented, are not commissioned correctly and do not provide the required baseline information for ongoing regulatory maintenance;
  • They cause unapproved removal of base building assets;
  • They are incorrectly certified, and / or have incomplete permits issued. This is a particularly prevalent currently in Victoria.

In instances where fitout works are carried out with required permits, there are still many issues that can arise, that could be avoided through the provision and policing of a detailed Fitout Guideline.

We have staff who are experienced in preparing Fitout Guidelines, and associated management and compliance reviews.

If you require further information, or would like assistance in preparing a Fitout Guideline, please contact us now:

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