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5G is coming… is your building ready?

Did you know that your building contains a very significant amount of IT and communications infrastructure that needs frequent updating and renewal?

And did you know that there are significant cost implications for building owners associated with the introduction of the 5G network?

While the capital cost of existing infrastructure has typically been borne by the telecommunications provider, capital works required to make a building “5G ready” will rest with the building owner, who is frequently not aware of the requirements and has not adequately budgeted for them.

To assist in managing and budgeting for these imminent and ultimately unavoidable capital upgrades, we can provide:

  • A risk awareness review on IT systems, cyber security etc for BMS, Fire Detection, Access Control, CCTV, Wi-Fi services, Energy metering;
  • A review of existing mobile telecommunications installations to determine required upgrades to enable 5G readiness;
  • Advice relating to removal of redundant infrastructure (and where possible provide advice as to who is responsible for this work);
  • A lifecycle review to remove, replace and upgrade infrastructure, or alternatively prepare an upgrade pathway for upgrade works over a 3 to 5 year period;
  • Preparation of a tax depreciation assessment for the upgrade works.

We have in house engineers who have significant experience in this field.  If you would like further information, or would like us to assess your properties contact Ian Gardner below or anyone else in our Transaction & Asset Advisory team:

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