Retail Stories – Stephen Younane Retail Prodigy Group

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THE retail market is undergoing irreversible significant structural changes which have been accelerated by COVID-19, creating uncertainty and opportunities for the sector. How are successful players navigating these tumultuous times? What are they doing right?

Australian Property Journal is thrilled to bring you a new feature, Retail Stories from Ainsworth Property’s (A-P) Zelman Ainsworth.

Ainsworth is a director of A-P and has worked in commercial real estate his entire adult life, with the past 11 years specialising in retail leasing in Victoria. He has worked with a wide range of landlords and retailers and is considered an industry expert within the Melbourne market.

Today A-P TV talks with Stephen Younane, co-founder and CEO of Retail Prodigy Group, about the Samsung brand and what it means for its consumers. AP TV also discusses the reaction of landlords in the current climate, and the structural changes happening within retail.