Farewell to Paul Mazoletti

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AFTER 25 years with Napier & Blakeley, Paul Mazoletti informed us in July last year, that he would be retiring from N & B.

Paul’s time at N & B has now formally come to an end and we would like to thank him and also acknowledge what a great asset he has been for Napier & Blakeley over that time.

As Paul often put it, he “put his body on the line” for N & B and we can say with total certainty that never a truer word was spoken, and he met a lot of friends and new clients along the way.

Our succession planning nationally is always ongoing, and the handover to our Queensland team has been exactly that for a number of years, and we are sure you have already dealt with many of our senior people in the Brisbane office.

Our Quantity Surveying team leaders are:

– Associate Director

– Associate Director

Running our Transaction & Asset Advisory and Due Diligence team is:

– Associate Director

And our Property Depreciation and Insurance team is run by:

– Associate

Between these four, there is over 70 years of service with N & B Queensland.

So it’s business as usual and we wish Paul every success and happiness in his future, and testament to him that we have this fantastic team in Brisbane to continue to assist you with your investments and developments going forward.

Please do not hesitate to call any of the people below to discuss your requirements:


Adam Greene, Associate Director  |  0409 724 395  |  agreene@napierblakeley.com

Paul Cosker, Associate Director  |  0434 400 107  |  pcosker@napierblakeley.com

Gavin Peach, Associate Director  |  0412 225 781  |  gpeach@napierblakeley.com

KY Pih, Associate  |  0408 933 660  |  kpih@napierblakeley.com


Peter Frith, Managing Director  |  0418 733 987  |  pfrith@napierblakeley.com

Craig Smith, Director |  0407 371 664  |  csmith@napierblakeley.com

Rob Howells, National Director  |  0437 649 082  |  rhowells@napierblakeley.com

John Mathew, Director  |  0414 559 326  |  jmathew@napierblakeley.com

Ian Gardner, Associate Director  |  0488 225 569  |  igardner@napierblakeley.com


Alastair Walker, Managing Director  |  0419 503 289  |  awalker@napierblakeley.com

Peter Hammond, Director  |  0419 980 901  |  phammond@napierblakeley.com

Peter Osborn, Director  |  0439 765 571  |  posborn@napierblakeley.com

Brian Gavahan, Associate Director  |  0414 620 213  |  bgavahan@napierblakeley.com

Stephen Cooke, Associate Director  |  0409 228 552  |  scooke@napierblakeley.com


Graham Rigby, Associate Director  |  0419 847 998  |  grigby@napierblakeley.com

Jorden Morris, Quantity Surveyor  |  0457 001 545  |  jmorris@napierblakeley.com

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