Mulpha unveils smart homes in Norwest

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MULPHA has launched its first new smart townhome development in Norwest.

The developer said the homes integrate the latest smart technology with wellness in design principles to create a healthier and more energy-efficient living environment, with substantially reduced energy costs.

Essentia will be the first large-scale residential development in Australia to have fully integrated solar and battery storage solutions for residents, allowing residents to have their appliances and home electricity consumption automated through battery solutions.

All 74 newly constructed homes are designed with a fully integrated home battery storage system powered by a 5.13WP solar system, with a 10kWH sonnenBatterie.

“In addition homeowners will have the ability to charge their battery on off-peak power purchased from the grid and utilise the power, at times when it would normally be more expensive to purchase from the grid.

“If households choose to install all the fully integrated smarts with SonnenFlat as their electricity retailer, not only will they be guaranteed free electricity consumption with no daily supply charges on their electricity bills, these houses will have the ability to access and remotely turn appliances on and off in order to maximise self-consumption and savings,”

Mulpha said the cost savings on electricity bills will be significant.

“For example, an average two-person household with annual electricity load of 7500kWh and an annual electricity bill of $2,313 (without solar and battery) could expect their electricity bill to reduce to $455 using the optional solar and battery storage.”

Australian Property Journal