Mirvac fosters community with Workwell

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MIRVAC and proptech company Workwell will launch a new mobile app that is designed to build a sense of community and connection in the workplace.

In Australian-first partnership, Mirvac is launching the app in early 2019 across its buildings including EY Centre, 200 George St in Sydney; 367 Collins St in Melbourne; and Calibre Industrial Estate in western Sydney. The app is fully tailored for the Australian market and will then be rolled-out across the rest of Mirvac’s portfolio.

Workwell is a technology platform that centralises access to all building and customer services. From buying a coffee, booking a car parking space or meeting room to setting up a running club and even finding a colleague to eat lunch with, the Workwell app helps employees build their networks and fosters community at workplace precincts.

The app has been successfully deployed in over 100 large corporations worldwide including the US and Europe and is expanding into Australia with the help of Mirvac.

The concept started in 2015 by Marie Schneegans, who felt lonely in the workplace and one day she decided to ask a co-worker to have lunch. After that she decided to approach a different colleague each day and she later created Never Eat Alone, a mobile app that enabled employees of large corporations to meet co-workers over lunch. The app was highly successful in Europe and North America, and customer feedback led her to expand its scope turning it into Workwell.

Workwell cofounder Paul Dupuy said, “We are proud to partner with Mirvac to launch Workwell in Australia and roll out the app across their extensive national portfolio of commercial buildings. Mirvac was a natural fit for us due to the high-quality of their buildings and forward-thinking approach to workplace creation.

“The collaborative partnership has enabled us to deliver on Mirvac’s specific needs. It’s clear that Mirvac is dedicated to improving the customer experience and communities within its buildings and we are pleased to help them achieve this.”

Workwell operates in 10 countries with its headquarters in the US, and offices in New York, Paris and now Sydney. International clients include Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, AXA, American Express and BNP Paribas.

Mirvac general manager of workplace experiences Paul Edwards said employee experience underpins the future of work and is “redefining how we think about reimagining the communities we create.”

“It’s crucial to improving engagement, collaboration, loyalty and wellbeing in the workplace. Our partnership with Workwell will help us foster community within all of our buildings, positively impacting on the experiences we deliver.

“Workwell makes office life easier for employees as they no longer have to hunt through a range of single-use apps to access the services available to them at work. “We are committed to creating Australia’s most intelligent buildings with the latest technology that helps our customers be more efficient. Workwell was the perfect solution to streamline our tenant’s interaction with colleagues, the broader community, systems and building services to help make their lives easier,” Edwards said.

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