NSW joins SA in Mandating 5 Star NABERS Minimum Requirement

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THE NSW Government launched an updated version of its Government Resource Efficiency Policy (GREP) which mandates 5 Star NABERS Energy ratings for owned or leased office buildings occupied by NSW Government, raising the requirement from 4.5 Stars. It also mandates 4.5 Star ratings for Data Centres.

The policy has immediate effect with a target to achieve full compliance by June 2020.

The GREP targets a broad range of areas to drive resource efficiency in NSW Government agencies in the four main areas of energy, water, waste and air emission including:

  • Reporting resource consumption and waste
  • Targeted energy savings
  • Mandating minimum NABERS ratings for energy and water
  • Minimum standards for electrical and water using appliances and equipment
  • Minimum standards for new buildings and fitouts
  • Solar targets
  • Minimum fuel efficiency vehicle standards
  • Purchase of GreenPower
  • Emissions standards for fixed plant and equipment
  • Low VOC materials

You can access the full policy here. Similar requirements are in place for most States and the Australian Government.

Napier & Blakeley can assist with:

  • NABERS improvement plans (including energy efficiency assessments and CAPEX plans)
  • Accredited NABERS Independent Energy Design Review for Commitment ratings
  • NABERS and CBD Assessments
  • Building control and operational tuning
  • Independent Measurement and Validation services (Certified Measurement and Verification professional), Including for EUA, ESCO and ESPC agreements
  • General Sustainability advisory services (NABERS, Green Star, WELL, GRESB)
  • Condition and Lifecycle reviews
  • Asset and Facility Management advisory services

For any further information on this please contact:

Associate Director
0488 225 569

For 34 years Napier & Blakeley have been providing the following services to the property industry:

  • Property Acquisition & Disposal Technical Due Diligence
  • Property Development Due Diligence
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Capital Expenditure Forecasting
  • Make Good Reporting
  • Energy Management
  • Development Monitoring
  • Property Tax Depreciation

Please contact any of the people below for more information or assistance:


Alastair Walker
Managing Director
– 0419 503 289

Peter Hammond
– 0419 980 901

Peter Osborn
– 0439 765 571

Stephen Cooke
Associate Director
– 0409 228 552


Craig Smith
– 0407 371 664

Rob Howells
National Director
– 0437 649 082

John Mathew
– 0414 559 326

Ian Gardner
Associate Director
– 0488 225 569

Richard McOmish
Associate Director
– 0409 478 460


Paul Mazoletti
National Director
– 0408 749 202

Gavin Peach
Associate Director
– 0412 225 781

Adam Greene
Associate Director
– 0409 724 395

Paul Cosker
Associate Director
– 0434 400 107


Graham Rigby
Associate Director
– 0419 847 998

Nick Taylor
Senior Associate
– 0418 337 225


John Mathew
– 0414 559 326

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