Sunshine Plaza shines above the rest

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SUNSHINE Plaza is now the greenest retail precinct in Melbourne, boasting the largest completed shopping centre solar installation, powered by almost 50% renewable energy.

As one of the state’s largest roof solar installations, the centre has invested in 4,175 solar panels which occupy the otherwise unused roof space. Sunshine Plaza has the capacity to produce up to 1.04 megawatts of energy and provides approximately 45% of the centre’s daily energy requirements.

The installation produces over 1,414,930 kWh per year which equates to enough energy to power 245 homes.

Centre manager Ian Simpson said by generating its own energy on-site, the system has allowed Sunshine Plaza to absorb higher energy prices minimising the cost increase to tenants over the last two years.

“We understand we have a considerable footprint in our community, which is why we’ve made significant investment towards Sunshine Plaza’s solar project. Reducing over 1,414.9 tonnes in carbon dioxide emissions annually, the carbon offset from the Plaza equates to removing approximately 815 cars from the road. The solar project is just one green initiative as part of Sunshine Plaza’s commitment to environmental sustainability which also includes the installation of LED lighting and continuous improvements to the Plaza’s energy footprint.

“The project encompasses all aspects of what we can do for Sunshine, with particular emphasis on people, sustainability, environment and the community,” Simpson said.

Australian Property Journal