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…that industry asset management guidelines recommend the preparation of, and ongoing updates to Lifecycle Expenditure Forecasts as part of best practice solutions?

As an example, the Property Council of Australia Guide to Office Building Quality recommends office buildings have Lifecycle Expenditure Forecasts in place as follows:

Building Grade Forecast Required
Existing Buildings:
 ▪ Premium ▪ 10 years or more
 ▪ A Grade ▪ 5 years or more
New Buildings:
 ▪ Premium ▪ 15 years or more
 ▪ A Grade ▪ 10 years or more
 ▪ B Grade ▪ 5 years or more

Over our 35 years in service we have developed extensive experience in the preparation of independent Lifecycle Capital Expenditure Forecasts. We have also amassed technical property and construction cost data which can be used for quick and cost-effective benchmarking. As part of our service provision we have developed in-house online solutions that generate Lifecycle Capital Expenditure Forecasts from new or existing Asset Registers.

The solution also provides online storage for key documentation such as plans, specifications, operation/maintenance manuals and warranties related to the individual assets or building. All report data is available for consumption on a client-dedicated website.

If you would like to talk to us further about Lifecycle assessments, or if you have any questions on this topic, please contact us now:

Rob Howells, National Director | 0437 649 082 | rhowells@napierblakeley.com
Ian Gardner, Associate Director | 0488 225 569 | igardner@napierblakeley.com
Coco Williams, Senior Building Consultant | 0418 348 712 | cowilliams@napierblakeley.com

Stephen Cooke, Associate Director | 0409 228 552 | scooke@napierblakeley.com
Gavin Peach, Associate Director | 0412 225 781 | gpeach@napierblakeley.com
Graham Rigby, Associate Director | 0419 847 998 | grigby@napierblakeley.com

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