Tax time is here! Are you paying too much tax?

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DO you own or have you bought an investment property in the past financial year?

Or…  have you recently refurbished, altered or extended your investment property in the past financial year?

Or…  do you own an investment property but have never claimed depreciation in the past?

Or…  own any property including commercial, retail, industrial, residential, pubs, clubs, sporting – we are experts in them all.

If your answer is yes to any of these questions then you may very well be paying too much tax on your income if you don’t claim your depreciation deductions.

Property tax allowances (commonly known as depreciation) provide an opportunity for owners of income producing property to reduce their taxable income, thus reducing the tax payable.

Napier & Blakeley was the first Australian company to provide specialist property depreciation services with dedicated in-house specialists to identify all available deductions throughout the life cycle of your asset.

Don’t waste any more of your money, request a quote today or contact us to get advice on how a depreciation schedule can strengthen the return on your investment putting more money in your pocket.


We at N&B are here to help.  Please do not hesitate to contact one of our trusted advisors for further assistance.

John Mathew
m. 0414 559 326
e.  jmathew@napierblakeley.com

Coco Williams
Senior Consultant
m. 0408 933 660
e.  cowilliams@napierblakeley.com

KY Pih
m. 0408 933 660
e.  kpih@napierblakeley.com

Peter Osborn
m.  0457 001 545
e.   posborn@napierblakeley.com

Rob Howells, Managing Director |  0437 649 082  |  rhowells@napierblakeley.com
Peter Frith, Director  |  0437 649 082  |  pfrith@napierblakeley.com
Craig Smith, Director |  0407 371 664  |  csmith@napierblakeley.com
Ian Gardner, Associate Director  |  0488 225 569  |  igardner@napierblakeley.com

Alastair Walker, Director  |  0419 503 289  |  awalker@napierblakeley.com
Peter Hammond, Director  |  0419 980 901  |  phammond@napierblakeley.com
Stephen Cooke, Associate Director  |  0409 228 552  |  scooke@napierblakeley.com

Adam Greene, Associate Director  |  0409 724 395  |  agreene@napierblakeley.com
Paul Cosker, Associate Director  |  0434 400 107  |  pcosker@napierblakeley.com
Gavin Peach, Associate Director  |  0412 225 781  |  gpeach@napierblakeley.com

Graham Rigby, Associate Director  |  0419 847 998  |  grigby@napierblakeley.com
Jorden Morris, Quantity Surveyor  |  0457 001 545  |  jmorris@napierblakeley.com

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