Proptech launches new WELL rating

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PROPTECH scale-up company, Cognian Technologies, will join a consortium working with the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) to form the new WELL Performance Rating.

The consortium will include others from the industry such as Honeywell, Lennox International, Schneider Electric and Trane.

The new rating will create a new standard for continuous monitoring, reporting and responding action to wellness measures that emphasis occupant comfort, health and safety including indoor air quality, lighting levels and noise levels.

“To have people return to buildings, they need to be safe and foster wellbeing. Building owners and managers also need to emphasise smart technology and wellness initiatives in order to differentiate their spaces,” said Mark Blum, CEO and co-founder of Cognian.

Wellness measures are more important than ever, with occupiers needing to ensure their workers’ health and happiness is being prioritised, to draw talent back to offices.

“As employers look to attract employees away from the comfort of the home environment and back into the office, big areas of focus in the Australian market are occupancy analytics and optimising indoor air quality,” said Blum.

The rating will draw on features from the WELL Building Standard (WELL), as well new pathways and beta features informed by the IWBI Performance Advisory, WELL Performance Testing Organisations (PTOs).

“We are delighted for our diverse and industry-leading partners, advisors, and contributors to join this endeavour by providing their respective industry insight,” said Jack Noonan, vice president of IWBI, APAC.

“Cognian’s participation will not only contribute to the dynamic technology scope of the rating, but also help inform the rating with regional market needs and best practice.”

Cognian’s Syncromesh wireless canopy technology will aid organisations in achieving the required monitoring and reporting on in-building conditions.

“We developed the Syncromesh smart building wireless canopy with the aim of enabling all buildings – new and existing – to be smart and human-centred,” said Blum.

This new designation will be achieved as a stand-alone designation or milestone along the way to WELL Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Certification. For WELL Portfolio participants, achieving these ratings will contribute to their WELL Score.

“Collaborating with IWBI on the WELL Performance Rating is part of our mission to ensure buildings globally are connected and delivering sustainable, safe and comfortable occupant well-being outcomes,” concluded Blum.

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