API CEO declares 2020 Election open

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WELCOME to the 2020 Election, I am pleased to announce that voting is officially open!

Whilst 2020 has certainly tested us, I am very pleased that we have managed to minimise the disruption to our business and conduct these elections in our usual manner.

It is due to the passion and the vision of our pioneering members that this organisation came into being in 1926, becoming a national body on 2015. I think it is critically important that we all remember the strategic purpose of our organisation in serving the property profession as we cast our votes.

To me, the elections are your opportunity to have your voice heard and ensure your interests are represented. So, for some, voting may not sound like the most exciting or engaging activity but for me this is the focal point of being in a Membership organisation.

This year we have 11 candidates for 4 vacancies. You can read more about each candidate on our website.

The retiring directors are:

  • Mark Kay
  • Chris Knight
  • Michael Leech
  • Bart Mead

I wish to thank these directors for their hard work and dedication not only to the profession, but to this organisation and all the staff within. We sincerely appreciate your contribution and thank you for helping shape this organisation and our industry. It has been a pleasure working with you.

The API 2020 Election candidates are:

So now you must ask the question, who will you vote for to step up and add to the rich tapestry of our organisations living history?

I strongly encourage you all to go to our website, read the nominees profiles and decide who you think would be a good fit for you, your colleagues, and the profession. Read about our candidates’ backgrounds, experience, areas of expertise and what contributions they have already made to their profession.

Your vote is critically important and helps us ensure that our organisation continues to represent the needs of our Members. I look forward to seeing who you choose as your representatives.

So thank you to those candidates who have put their hands up to take this next big step in their journey and help shape our industry, I wish you all good luck, and look forward to working more closely with those of you who are successful.

Thank you.

Amelia Hodge, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Property Institute.*

More information on the 2020 Election can be found at

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